School Laboratories

Bio Lab


Life science revolves about our very existence. The tissues in plant and animal life are the basics on which life science is based. Biology is the amalgam of (Botany + Biology). The specimens range for one called organism to preserved skeletons of babies and the adults. Drawing chart, bottled specimen have made the Bio Lab a very special place for children.

Physics Lab


Next to Maths, physics is also queen of sciences. It reveals facts around us, the facts about the Earth, and the facts about all the heavenly bodies. The instruments kept in the lab cater to the seeds of budding scientist. The lab serves as the stones for experimentations and verification.

Chemistry Lab


The story and saga of chemicals, elements, liquids, their characteristics, and their properties are studied and observed. Sometimes the pungent smell of SO2 makes itself memorable. No student can forget its name and no students can escape the smell. It is all pervasive. Every student in this lab seems to be keen for experimentation.

Computer Lab


The technology is spreading it?s with supersonic speed. The computer lab provides ready material where ever it is required. The children adorn the laboratory and are always keen to use the computers. There are about 30 computers (including primary). All are in working condition. The data is updated to make the computers more informative and innovative.

Maths Lab


The concept of making this lab has made the children little innovative and calculative. The subject of Math was dreaded but now children are seen making placards, using glazed papers for making number lines, triangles, squares and rectangles. Models pertaining to derivations and calculations are also displayed. It is really overwhelming to see children enjoyed mathematics lessons in true slase because the concept is Learning by Going.

Language Lab

A language lab is coming up to correct the pronunciation amongst the children. Phonetics is also very technical skill through which we can help the learner to correct himself by helping him to make correct tongue position and producing right sound. Handmade chart are also displayed in the lab. Models for teaching Grammar are also there and children try to use correct language.