Aims & Objective

“The past is our foundation the present our material, the future our aim and summit”
Sri Aurobindo

The primary aim of the institution is to provide Public school education to the wards of BSF personnel serving the nation in challenging and inhospitable terrains. It therefore becomes our moral duty to work with a missionary zeal and make concerted efforts to mould the children into confident and responsible citizen of the nation geared up to take on the challenges of life with fortitude.

The institution is committed to enhancing the all round development of a childs personality and having his scholastic and co-scholastic skills because only those who had the passion for diving into the unfathomed oceans of knowledge, had made the difference and blazed a trait.

Here success cannot be equated with excellence. It is a process, a journey that takes us in pursuit of constant improvement. There is no place for complacency and we cannot rest on our past lavrels. New vistas of careers are opening up and new horizons are beckoning us towards a plethora of careers making education more responsive and vibrant.

The height by great men reached and kept,
were not attained by sudden flight
but they, while their companions slept,
were toiling upwards in the night.”