Examination Policy

Examination Policy

1) Every student is required to get a qualifying grade D or abovein all the subjects excluding VI additional subject as per scheme of study for the purpose of promotion to next class.

2) A student getting E1 or E2 grade in scholastic areas in one or more subjects will have to improve his/her performance in one subsequent attempt to obtain adding grade points qualifying Grade D in these subjects.

3) If a student in class IX fails to obtain qualifying Grade D in one or more subjects, even after adding Grade points from Co-Scholastic areas and after availing one improvement chance, he/she will be required to repeat the same class during the next academic year.

4) In classes VI to VIII promotion is in accordance with CBSE and RTEA-2009.

5) It is mandatory to appear in both SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS during the academic year.


1) After SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT – II in class IX, a student will get only one more chance for improvement to obtain a qualifying Grade D. This is applicable to those students who are not able to appear in SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENTS due to sickness.

2) This chance may be approved preferably with in a time of one month from the time of declaration of Final Result.


1) A student must obtain atleast 33% marks in each subject to be considered for promotion. He/She should have an aggregate of 33%.

2) In the subjects having practicals, a student in class XI, must pass in Theory and Practical separately.

3) Promotion will be granted to the pupil on the basis of his /her cumulative record. Weightage of XI will be as under:


4) Proportionate weightage may be given to absentee pupil on medical grounds only, in such cases committee will be detailed by the Principal to examine the case for weightage or retest.

5) If the attendance is less than 75% during the session, a student shall not be allowed to appear in exam.

6) Bonus marks as incentive for regularity will be awarded on the basis of attendance

The criteria for awarding the bonus marks is as under:-

96% To 100%-5 Marks
91% To 95%-4 Marks
86% To 90%-3 Mark
81% To 85%-2 marks
75% To 80%-1 Marks

Special Grace Marks:

1) The students who have participated at Zonal/Distt/state or national level will be granted extra grace of 1, 3 and 5 marks respectively.

2) The students who have participated at state/national level in NCC only will be granted extra grace of 3 and 5 marks respectively. However, these marks will only be awarded when candidate fails to qualify for promotion even after full grace has been awarded.

3) Special grace marks will only be given if the student produces the attested certification of the achievement in sports/NCC in the current academic session.

4) Grace of any kind will not be granted if the student in question is found involved in any indisciplinary case.

5) Unless he/she attains 75% attendance in the school no extra grace will be given.

Use Of Unfair Means In The Examination:

1) A candidate found making use of unfair means in the examination will be given zero in that answer sheet. In such cases a committee will be detailed by the Principal to examine the case.

2) He/She will be allowed to appear in the test of remaining papers.

3) Any unfair means related to attempt of theft of examination material etc, will be seriously dealt with.